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Eight great reasons why you SHOULD let your daughter play rugby

Let me start off with two questions: First, if you had a son would you let him play rugby?

Take a second to think about it. Once you are sure of your answer please read on.

The second question is if you had a daughter would you let her play rugby?

Again please take your time to think of your answer and read on when you are ready.

1. Playing sports has proven to have a positive physical effect on your body

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2. She will learn the importance of hard work

Whether in the gym, the training pitch or in a game, rugby demand a lot of dedication.  Whether it’s one more sprint, one more push up, or holding that plank for one more minute, rugby players are used to doing just one more.

3. Rugby boosts confidence and self-esteem. 

 My team has given me the support I need to be confident in myself. I can accept the way I act, look or feel because of rugby.

4. She will experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team

Going into a rugby game kind of feels like going into battle. You are a team, and you have each other’s backs over everything. When your player goes down with the ball, it’s your job to ruck over her and protect both your player and the ball.


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