Ellis Genge emerges as figurehead for new union - Ruck

Ellis Genge emerges as figurehead for new union

Ellis Genge has confirmed there are plans to set up a new union, designed to provide elite players with improved commercial and legal advice.

The England prop, who is planning the new collective along with a number of other unnamed high-profile stars, says the new organisation would be independently funded to avoid conflicts of interest.

“We wouldn’t have to answer to a governing body,” he said.

He added: “We are not making a new RPA. I think they do really good stuff with welfare in rugby and they look after people really well.

“But I do feel that people were poorly advised [over the pay cuts]. People were advised from the off to sign the contracts without reading them, almost.

“Commercially, I didn’t think everyone was being represented very well.

“So I am trying to put together a players’ union. It is not to replace the RPA or to combat the RFU. Honestly, it is nothing of the sort.

“It is just so people can get really good advice from trusted professionals in those specific fields: [for example] around commercial and legal [issues].”.


“The boys would have to understand it is going to be independently run, and for that you would need a decent kitty,” he added.

“But we are getting good help from a lot of good people. This is for everyone, as a whole, to be represented much better commercially.

“The RPA do a lot of those negotiations, and it is always going to lean in favour to the RFU or PRL, and I totally understand those situations. There is no malice behind that but it is fundamentally how it works at the moment.

“I am not trying to go against owners of clubs, or the RFU or the RPA, I think we can all work in tandem.

“But I do think it is time to shake up the rugby scene, and look after players – commercially, and in every aspect – a lot better.”

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