French rugby player Hedi Ouedjdi learns his feight after knocking out referee

French rugby player receives lifetime ban after knocking out referee

The rugby league player who knocked a referee unconscious has been banned for life and may face further consequences.

The French Federation handed out the suspension to Hedi Ouedjdi for swinging a punch at referee Benjamin Casty, after being sent off in a cup semi-final against Toulouse last month.

“The player not only undermined the physical integrity of a referee, Benjamin Casty, but also tainted the image of a sport that had not experienced such a reprehensible act,” said a spokesman.


“FFR XIII is determined not to grant any forgiveness to players, leaders or supporters who do not respect the decisions of a referee, whose difficult role is measured every weekend.”

The now ex-rugby league player could face more trouble, with Casty bringing a civil complaint.