Steve Hansen offers to take journalist outside after 'disrespectful' question - Ruck

Steve Hansen offers to take journalist outside after ‘disrespectful’ question

New Zealand head coach Steve Hansen was furious with a journalist’s question after the England defeat, even offering to ‘take them outside’.

The 60-year-old was unhappy about being questioned if the All Blacks turned up with the right attitude for Saturday’s Rugby World Cup semi-final.

He said: “I think it’s quite a disrespectful question, to suggest that the All Blacks turned up not being hungry.

“They’re desperate to try and win the game. Because I asked them at half-time to get hungrier doesn’t mean to say they didn’t up for the game.

“There’s a big difference and if you want to spend some time outside I’ll give you a rugby education on that one.

“But to turn up and say an All Blacks team comes to a semi-final of the Rugby World Cup with the amount of ability and the history that it’s had behind it, that’s not hunger.

“That’s a pretty average question I reckon.

“You’ve seen how hard we’ve worked out there. Definitely the boys really wanted it.

“I think that the detail of the match didn’t go our way but our work-rate and how much we really wanted it was there.

“You could see it even in that first-half when we conceded; we came back and hung in there.

“Tonight is pretty gutting. When it doesn’t go your way it’s a hard thing to take.”