Owen Farrell explains England's iconic response to the Haka - Ruck

Owen Farrell explains England’s iconic response to the Haka

England captain Owen Farrell has explained England’s response to the Haka moments before their crunch semi-final with New Zealand.

Farrell explained after the epic 19-7 win that he felt England had couldn’t let the All Blacks just ‘come at’ them.

“We knew we had to be within a radius behind them and we wanted to not just stand there and let them come at us.

“We wanted to keep a respectful distance but we didn’t just want to stand in a flat line and let them come at us.”

“The feeling’s calm. Going into the game, building up to it, we feel in control of what we’re doing and that comes from our preparation. The work that we put in in the week – you can’t fake that when you’re out there in a big test match. When they scored points today, we were the calmest we’ve been after that.”