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Israel Folau says all gays are going to ‘HELL’ on Instagram

Wallabies fullback Israel Folau has followed up his radical views on gay marriage by saying on his Instagram that all gay people would ‘go to hell’ unless they ‘repent their sins. 

Folau, who is a devout Christian, opposed gay marriage last year, tweeting: “I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions. but personally, I will not support gay marriage.”

However, his lack of support was in vain as same-sex marriage will become legal in Australia after a historic bill was passed in the House of Representatives in December.

An overwhelming majority of MPs voted to change the Marriage Act, eight days after a similarly decisive result in the Senate.

Wallabies teammate David Pocock opposed Folau’s views. A passionate campaigner for a variety of social issues including homophobia and marriage equality, Pocock said: “When my survey arrives I’ll #VoteYes for justice and love.”


Pocock famously declared four years ago that he would not tie the knot with his partner Emma Palandri until gay people were legally permitted to do the same.

However, Folau took his opinions one step further with his latest comments on his Instagram post.

One of his followers asked ‘what was gods plan for gay people??’ to which he replied ‘HELL.. Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God.’


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