Josh Navidi confirms he's set to swap nations following Wales retirement - Ruck

Josh Navidi confirms he’s set to swap nations following Wales retirement

Josh Navidi, a former Wales international with 33 caps to his name, has expressed his desire to venture into coaching in Iran.

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The rugby star made the difficult decision to retire from the sport earlier this year following a neck injury sustained during a Test match against South Africa last summer.

Transitioning into life after his playing career, Navidi has been exploring various opportunities. In addition to establishing his own car dealership, he revealed to the Telegraph that he is contemplating utilizing his expertise in a coaching capacity, particularly in the country of his ancestral heritage, Iran

“Sevens is pretty big and XVs is slowly growing,” Navidi says. 


“The genetics of the Iranian people are perfect for rugby. If you think the main sports are weightlifting and wrestling.

“They also love football and volleyball so you have that skill element too. That concoction of genetics and all the different sports they play, I think they could be a very good side one day if it keeps growing.

“I have spoken to a couple of people in the past about getting involved. If I go I think I have to do national service so I am looking at getting a visa where I can go and coach and just see what they are doing.

“I would love to go out and see where my dad’s from and maybe see if I can get involved.”

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#1. Josh Navidi

Together with his friend Jack Wilkins, he operates a thriving car dealership known as Cute Club. Additionally, he is a renowned DJ who frequently performs in the Cardiff nightlife scene.

“It started off with me just buying my own cars, driving them, and then selling them the next year because I’ve always been a petrol head,” he told Wales Online.

“I’ve always had sporty cars but now I go for stuff with less fuel, and I’ve always changed my cars every year.

“I started going to auctions for my own stuff and then boys were asking me what’s the best VIP deal with all these lease deals that we get offered.

“I was advising some of the Cardiff boys for years on how to get the best deals for cars, and some boys were asking for cars you couldn’t get on the VIP scheme.

“They wanted all sorts like performance cars and one thing led to another.

“Boys started asking about finance and then it led me down that path, then into warranties, and then we would just meet people day to day.

“Now we have got a forecourt, and we are a car dealership which buys and sells cars.

“We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, but we take appointments in the evenings, and on the weekend.”