Lion admits he learned more about drinking than he did rugby while on tour

Joe Marler reveals he learned more about drinking than rugby on the Lions tour and had little hope of Test selection.

“We knew pretty early doors what the crack was,’ said Marler.

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“We knew it would be very hard to play your way into that Test team – you were kind of relying on someone playing their way out of it.

“My drinking ability had to step up a bit. Rory Best is the one to blame for that and he is the one to blame for every time I spoke to my wife on Facetime and she said, “Are you p***ed again?”.

“I was like, “Of course not” so how to drink is probably the biggest thing I learnt on that tour.


“It was a different tour particularly for the midweek “veg” as we were labelled but it was really enjoyable.

“It was more like an old school tour. I didn’t expect it – I thought those days are gone now. Everything is ultra-professional, isn’t it?

“That is the way I thought the game was going but obviously not on a Lions tour.”

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