Mako Vunipola reveals full story behind Coronavirus scare and trip to Tonga - Ruck

Mako Vunipola reveals full story behind Coronavirus scare and trip to Tonga

Along with brother Billy, Mako Vunipola travelled to the Pacific Islands to say goodbye to their Grandma, or so they thought.

“My grandmother had fallen quite ill and my dad was worried that it would be it. I started thinking, ‘What is most important here’?” revealed Vunipola to Express Sport.

“Family is a massive part of Tongan culture and I decided I wanted to go to see her while she was still here. But day by day she improved until she was able to sit up in bed.

“Although she is still not 100 per cent, she is recovering well. Especially with what is going on now, we’re just thankful we got the chance to see her.”

He then told the full story of how he was sent home from the England camp due to a Coronavirus scare, only to play for Saracens that weekend.

“I was meant to meet up with England on the Monday,” said Vunipola.


“I was getting ready to do so when I got a message from the team manager asking which route I had taken back from Tonga. I told them I had gone through Hong Kong. Then the doctor rang me and made the call.

“The doctors at Saracens gave me the test – I had nothing – and so decided that I could play for them.

“It wasn’t easy. I wanted to be involved with England. But looking back it was the right call.”

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