David Pocock gives his view on Israel Folau sacking - Ruck

David Pocock gives his view on Israel Folau sacking

David Pocock thinks it was ” really sad” to see his former international teammate Israel Folau sacked by Rugby Australia.

Pocock has long been a supporter of same-sex marriage and has previously told Folau, a devout Christian, he “strongly disagrees” with the controversial fullback’s position on the issue.

“It’s been a really tough situation for rugby and at the end of the day we have so much more in common than the few things we might divide us,” Pocock said.

“As a sport we want to be inclusive and create a safe space for people so when they turn up play rugby they feel like they can be whoever they are.

“I’ve always said sport is at its best when it’s inclusive and it’s actually challenging society to be more inclusive. Rugby has done a great job over the years of doing that.

“It’s been dealt with now by Rugby Australia. I’m really sad to see him go but I really hope we can continue with the great work that has been done in creating that safe space.”