Popular referee Nigel Owens sets his retirement date - Ruck

Popular referee Nigel Owens sets his retirement date

Popular referee Nigel Owens has revealed he plans to hang up his whistle in the next two years after initially planning to retire at the end of the season.

“Well, having had phone conversations with the Welsh Rugby Union, they would like me to continue refereeing… and I’ve told them I would like to carry on as well,” wrote Owens in his column for Wales Online.

“So I will be continuing to do just that next season – that’s for sure.

“When next season actually starts, nobody knows. But I’ve made a decision that I won’t be finishing at the end of this season, whenever that ends too.

“I will be refereeing for at least one more year, maybe another after that as well.

“Whether that’s at international level, we just don’t know. That will be up to World Rugby, if they still want me. Hopefully they will.

“But I will carry on at domestic and European level at least – which ends the uncertainty in my own mind – and if I referee well in those games, hopefully the Tests will follow.


“With the uncertainty surrounding sport at the moment, it would have been a very odd time to call it a day.

“And although it’s not the whole reason I want to carry on, I have to admit that deep down it is part of my thought process.

“I can’t finish like this. It’s nice to know when you are actually finishing after a long career, do it naturally. To know this is your last game, enjoy the nostalgia and the emotions that come with that.”

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