RFU 'living in cloud cuckoo land' blasts Lawrence Dallaglio - Ruck

RFU ‘living in cloud cuckoo land’ blasts Lawrence Dallaglio

England are ‘living in cloud cuckoo land’, blasts Lawrence Dallaglio as 2003 Rugby World Cup winner slams Eddie Jones’ side for having ‘serious fault lines’ within their setup after a disappointing Six Nations campaign.

‘He [Jones] has tried to paint the rosiest of pictures, but it’s a disappointing campaign for England,’ he said on his Evening Standard Rugby Podcast.

‘If it hadn’t been for Italy’s victory [over Wales], England would have probably finished lower down the table. It is another losing campaign that didn’t start well and didn’t finish well.

‘There are some serious fault lines in that team and that squad and anyone who doesn’t think there is, is living in cloud cuckoo land. 

‘To score only two tries in three games and generally play the way they have played, fans have got every right to ask the question.

‘We have heard in an RFU statement, no name to it as usual, they think this England team is making solid progress and they were suggesting that Eddie is building a new team against their clear strategy. I would argue I haven’t seen a hugely clear strategy.

‘Eddie seems to think that they are only three per cent off where they need to be. I was never good at maths, but I know they’re a long way away from being three per cent off.’


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