Rugby player left with horrific facial injuries after attack - Ruck

Rugby player left with horrific facial injuries after attack

Ashford Barbarians player Anthony Bass has been left with horrific facial injuries after being attacked by a group of violent youths.

Bass was driving in Sevington, Ashford, when he spotted a group of youngsters in the middle of the 60mph road.

He stopped his car and spoke to the group but was then hit in the face by an object believed to have been launched by a catapult.

He then described being knocked to the floor where he was further assaulted.

Anthony’s partner Zoe Clare said: “My partner was coming home from work and the bunch of youths were in middle of the road.

“He suggested that they move because it was 60mph road and they could get hurt.

“They then fired catapults at him and his car and took his car keys and threw them into a bush. An owner of a nearby cottage came out to help him and contacted the police.

“He had four or five stitches in his eyebrow and has a massive swollen eye. He also has cuts all over his head and arms.

“I had to leave our six-year-old and eight-month-old to go to him.

“He now cannot work and we now have to pay for the damage. The mental trauma to him and our kids when they see him are irreparable.”


Paul Harnett, from Bearsted, who set up the Go Fund Me page, said: “Anthony was viciously attacked and his family’s car damaged by mindless violence, let’s help fix their car and restore their faith in the local community.”

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