Sir Ian McGeechan ranks the 10 best rugby wingers of all-time - Ruck

Sir Ian McGeechan ranks the 10 best rugby wingers of all-time

Renowned rugby expert and legendary figure in British and Irish rugby, Sir Ian McGeechan, recently took on the daunting task of curating a list of the top 10 greatest wingers who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

McGeechan’s selection not only pays tribute to the extraordinary talent and contributions of these wing maestros but also offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and evolution of rugby’s wing play.

McGeechan’s carefully chosen list not only celebrates these remarkable wingers but also underscores the global and historical significance of their contributions to the sport.

These ten athletes have each etched their names into rugby lore, leaving a legacy that continues to inspire future generations of rugby players and fans alike.

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10. Rory Underwood (England)

McGeechan said: “Maybe not quite as clever as some of the others but a lethal finisher who was exceptionally quick and very, very strong.” wrote McGeechan.

9. Shane Williams (Wales)

The pint-sized Welsh wizard weaved his magic on the field, showcasing dazzling footwork and a natural rugby intellect that belied his stature.

McGeechan said: “Defied convention because he was so small, but he was powerful and sharp. Wales have not been the same attacking force since he finished. He could raise their game on his own.”

8. Ieuan Evans (Wales)

Another Welsh legend, Evans possessed a keen rugby mind and an uncanny ability to find the try line in crucial moments.

McGeechan said: “Always one of my favourites because of my experiences with him as a British and Irish Lion. Like all the Welsh wingers, he had such a good sidestep but could combine acceleration with that. He was a superb finisher, especially in tight situations.”