Six Nations: 124th edition set to be record breaking

Th Six Nations has highest average attendance in world sport

  • A study by UEFA shows the 6 Nations topping the list of most-attended global sports events
  • The research showed the Championships to have an average attendance of 72,000 per game 
  • The NFL and Football World Cup came in respective second and third
The 124th edition of the Six Nations, which begins in three weeks time, is set to be watched by the highest average attendance per match of any tournament in world sport.

Over the seven weeks, the northern hemisphere showpiece will see the cream of European rugby meet across five rounds, culminating in the final set of games on 17th March.

Best-attended sports events
Event Average attendance per match
Source: Uefa’s European Club Footballing Landscape report
Six Nations 72,000
NFL (American football) 64,800
Fifa World Cup (football) 53,592
Rugby World Cup (rugby union) 51,621

Last year’s tournament attracted an average 72,000 fans a game, leading sport’s global standings above American football’s NFL in second and the Fifa World Cup in third

The report stated: “The rugby Six Nations ranked number one by average but number 48 out of 50 by total attendances.

“By total attendance, sports such as baseball or college football with a larger number of matches per season are at the top of the rankings.

“Given its status as the ‘global game’, it is not surprising that football accounts for more than half (29) of the 50 most highly attended global sports leagues and events.

“In aggregate terms, the huge number of matches played in a season helps the MLB baseball league to enjoy by far the highest total attendance (73.8 million), almost double that of the combined total of the various NCAA Division I American football college conferences (37.9 million) and six times the aggregate attendance of the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga.”