VIDEO: Wayne Barnes 'takes no sh**' as he sends off player for mouthing off - Ruck

VIDEO: Wayne Barnes ‘takes no sh**’ as he sends off player for mouthing off

Wayne Barnes took no prisoners dealing with Stade Francais’ Tolu Latu following the exchange of words that followed a penalty against him.

The popular referee, who famously sent off Dylan Hartley for swearing in the Premiership final, was in no mood for any backchat once again.

Barnes: That’s my decision. He’s looked at me and said ‘fucking hell.’

Stade Player: He spoke French? He never said that probably.

Barnes: He’s then looked and me and said, ‘I got the fucking ball.’ Very clearly. Very much at me. Yellow card, red card.


Barnes & Owens expose the five worst players to referee

#1. Wayne Barnes – Martin Johnson

The lock will always be remembered as the man presented with the 2003 World Cup, which England won in Sydney. As well as being an inspirational leader, the Leicester lock was also a formidable player in his own right. A rock like presence in the tight, whose rugby motto was if in doubt, go forward.

BARNES SAID: “I was always petrified of Martin Johnson because he was coming to the end of his career when I started in the Premiership.” said Barnes.

“2003 was my first [season] and obviously that was towards the end of his career and I remember I had to sin-bin him once and I actually apologised as I did it.

“I said ‘I’m very sorry I have to do this’ because he’s such a big personality. I guess he was always someone who scared me witless!”

DID YOU KNOW? he comes from a sporting family. His great-grandfather was a wrestler