Rugby players stunned as dog runs onto the pitch and poos in the middle of a game

Players and parents were left shocked after a dog ran onto the pitch and defecated in the middle of their junior rugby game.

A parent of one of the players, who asked not to be named, revealed to Wales Online: “On all matches, home or away, a ‘poo check’ has to be carried out before a game can start.

“It’s got so bad that coaches usually carry a pack of poo bags with them in their kit bags.

“This though, was a first, a dog coming onto the pitch during a match to do his business. 

“The game had to be stopped and one of the rugby parents cleared it up so the game could continue.

“The dog owner was oblivious to where or what his dog was doing. It’s unfortunate that these incidents give dog owners a bad name but it’s the inconsiderate few rather than the majority.”


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