WATCH: Scotland star mocked for hilarious 'dive and a half' - Ruck

WATCH: Scotland star mocked for hilarious ‘dive and a half’

Scotland prop Pierre Schoeman is being mocked for this ‘dive and half during today’s clash with South Africa at Murrayfield.

One fan wrote: “Can Schoeman still play for Bafana Bafana if he has already played rugby for Scotland?”

Another added: “Oscar Nomination?… I think not”

Another, being a bit more serious, chipped in, saying: “I absolutely hate the diving culture that’s creeping it’s way into rugby with head contact. You seem to see appeals or hand waving every game in an attempt to get the TMO to check. Having said that, that absolutely should be have been checked as that is a possible red card in the premiership at the moment.”

A different fan added: “Ah. The good old sniper in the stands, taking Schoeman out.”


“This is not soccer” – Rugby’s Top Five Biggest Divers Have Been Named

#5. Stuart Hogg

What they said: “He often overdoes the theatricality to the extent that not even the officials will give him a second look. Look back to the South Africa vs Scotland game a couple years back when he flung himself into the ‘Beast’ just to be laughed off by players and fans around him.”

Our verdict: Nobody will forget that infamous telling off he got from Nigel Owens against South Africa during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. As the old saying goes, mud sticks.