WATCH :Timber! Rugby scrum knocks goalpost down - Ruck

WATCH :Timber! Rugby scrum knocks goalpost down

If ever Hinckley Rugby club wanted proof about the power of their scrum this was it.

The East Midlands club not only drove opponents Luctonians back towards their own tryline but wiped out some important pitch furniture in the process when one of the goalposts fell down.

Hinckley chairman John Tilley said: “I didn’t really think anything of it until the post started falling down, the bloke behind ran for cover and then I just thought ‘well there’s £7,000 gone like that’. We didn’t score either!”

Cue several confused faces as players and officials pondered what to do until it was decided an adjacent pitch could host the remainder of the fixture, which Hinckley went on to win 52-12

“I think that scrummage set the tone because our opponents kind of lost it after that,” added Tilley.