World Rugby makes immediate law change following controversial weekend - Ruck

World Rugby makes immediate law change following controversial weekend

Anyone wanting to copy this stunning hurdling try is out of luck, with World Rugby ruling that jumping over opponents will now be deemed illegal.

It was an incident that courted controversy post-game, with everybody divided on whether referee Paul Williams should have awarded the try, considering the potentially dangerous nature of the play.

World Rugby said: “We agree – jumping to hurdle a potential tackler is dangerous play, as is the act of a ball carrier jumping into a tackle,” the official statement read.

“Even if no contact is made, we believe this act is in clear contravention of law 9.11, and runs contrary to the game-wide focus on player welfare.

“In this specific case [of Sowakula] the sanction should be a PK [penalty kick] against the ball carrier.”


Nigel Owens demands four changes as current laws ARE NOT working

Popular referee Nigel Owens says rugby’s new Laws are NOT working to improve the game.

The Welshman, who hung up his whistle two years ago, has come up with four possible changes to improve the game.

#1. New law needs changing

Although happy with the recently introduced 50:22 and brake foot laws, Owens isn’t happy with one recent change.

“The goal-line drop-out when you touch down inside your own in-goal area actually means you have to give the ball back to the team that has kicked beyond the goal line.

“I think we might see more kicking because the goal line drop out is more of a disadvantage to the defending team – we should go back to 22m drop-outs.

“It was designed to stop teams trying to bludgeon over the ball and force repeated 5m scrums but it hasn’t had any positive impact.”


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