World Rugby set to make MAJOR changes to the lawbook - Ruck

World Rugby set to make MAJOR changes to the lawbook

Rugby Union’s law book is being shredded by a whopping 50 per cent, as the World Rugby move the game much closer to a much-needed simplification.

Following the conclusion of the Lions tour of New Zealand, which threw up a number of refereeing controversies, fans can rest assured that work is being done behind the scenes to sort out the grey areas.

New Zealand’s referee manager Rod Hill has run the project, and over the last 18 months, he has been involved in completely re-writing the law book.


“I’ve had three three-day lockups, where we’ve got through everything in the law book and said ‘how do we make it easier to read and easier to understand’,” he said.

“We’ve reduced the number of words in the law book by 50 per cent,” Hill said.

“What’s happened over a period of time, is that, as there’s been some changes, they’ve just been added to the law book and it’s a bit piecemeal. So you had exceptions here and there.

“So this project was about ‘let’s start from scratch and make sure it all reads well’, to reshape the law book to get that as an outcome.”