Eddie Jones to use mystery woman to solve England's mental woes - Ruck

Eddie Jones to use mystery woman to solve England’s mental woes

England head coach Eddie Jones is set to recruit a mystery woman as he bids to cure his sides mental curse.

“It’s like we have some hand grenades in the back of a jeep and sometimes they go off when there’s a lot of pressure. We have a few of them and we’ve got to get rid of them.” explained Jones.

“The team has probably had it since the 2015 World Cup and we’ve been working on a process to fix it. We will get it right, but it takes time.

“Whenever you have a difficult tournament or difficult games there’s always a lingering thought process there.


“Sometimes it takes longer than you’d like to fix it, but it is fixable. We’ve got a combination of personnel (to bring in), but I’ve got one person that’s going to help us that’s a bit of an expert.

“I’m not sharing that name with you now. I haven’t used her before.”

Asked what background or field she came from, Jones pointed to his head and said: “Up here, mate.”

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