"Embarrassing" - Four of the biggest Six Nations flops - Ruck

“Embarrassing” – Four of the biggest Six Nations flops

The Six Nations comes to an end this weekend with France still chasing the Grand Slam, in what in what has been an action-packed and exhilarating event.

This year’s tournament has had its fair share of events and it’s synonymous with phrases like; ”all good things come to an end” and “in the heat of battle, heroes emerge, sometimes from the most unlikely of sources”.

This Six Nations will forever be remembered for its unprecedented results, upsets and high-voltage matches.

New heroes emerged and dazzled the audience with their spectacular performances for their respective national sides. They became a massive piece in the jigsaw and had crucial roles in their team.

However, numerous players who were billed to hog the limelight completely disappointed the fans. They were regarded as the most crucial part of their teams, but became a burden, a liability for their respective sides.

#1. Finn Russell (Scotland)

Russell can take heart if consistency really is the hallmark of the unimaginative. The Scotland fly-half is a man who, on a good day, can turn a game with a heavenly flash of inspiration. But there are other afternoons when entire matches seem to pass him by and that pretty much sums up his Six Nations.



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