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Lewis Moody doesn’t agree with former teammates lawsuit against World Rugby

In the High Court on Friday, a lawsuit was filed by 169 former professional players against rugby union authorities, alleging a significant lapse in the sport’s management of concussion protocols.

The plaintiffs, including Steve Thompson, who secured victory in the 2003 World Cup, are currently experiencing symptoms of early-onset dementia, which they attribute to the concussions sustained during their rugby careers.

While expressing sympathy for his former teammate, Lewis Moody holds a different perspective and believes that pursuing a lawsuit may not be the most suitable path of action.

Moody, who was speaking to Mail Online, said: ‘Of course it’s a concern. I’m definitely not worried about dementia from a “having played” perspective.

‘My dad had dementia and passed away two years ago. His brother has dementia, so if I’m worried about it then it’s probably more from a hereditary stand point than anything else.

‘I think about it and I’m very close to Tommo and what he’s going through is awful.

‘In my eyes, he’s had a great deal of courage to stand up and I suppose lead the charge in this area around making a change in the game.

‘I think if he hadn’t have done so it would have just continued and the governing bodies would probably not have acted as quickly as they have done, although I do think things could still be done quicker.

‘For me, the lawsuit route is not necessarily the right way of going… or doesn’t feel right to me because it feels like I’m trying to point a finger of blame and I’m looking for financial reward.

‘If I was going to go down that route, I would need or feel the need that there was a collective gain.’


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THE BEST England XV of the last 50 years has been selected

The Telegraph’s Chief rugby writer Mick Cleary, who is the finest rugby scribe in the game today, has selected a quite phenomenal England XV from the last 50 years.

The selection features players from various generations, from the games amateur roots, through professionalisation to the global sport rugby is today.

You can view his articles here. Read on to see the BEST England XV.

Fulback: Jason Robinson (2001-2007, 51 caps)

“Robinson was a menace whatever number was on his back, a bewildering opponent, a man seemingly able to sidestep in mid-air, with pace and nerve and vision, tough in the tackle, intelligent in his use of angles and selfless when it came to creating openings for teammates,” wrote Cleary.

Winger: David Duckham (1969-1976, 36 caps)

“There is still a seared image of him in the memory bank with ball tucked under his arm, back arched, legs firm, blond locks flowing, all balance and power, causing an opposition defence no end of misery.”

Outside-centre: Jeremy Guscott (1989-1999, 65 caps)

“‘The Prince of Centres,’ was how Guscott was described by Clive Woodward. And he wasn’t wrong.”

Inside centre: Will Greenwood (1997-2004, 55 caps)

“At 6ft 4ins, Greenwood had a physical presence himself but it was the judgement he brought to the field of play that marks him out,”

Winger: Rory Underwood  (1984-1996, 85 caps)

“Give him the ball, point him in the direction of the try-line, sit back and applaud.”