'Stick your journey up your f***ing jacksie!' - Phil Vickery slams Eddie Jones - Ruck

‘Stick your journey up your f***ing jacksie!’ – Phil Vickery slams Eddie Jones

England legend Phil Vickery believes Eddie Jones must stop excuses and deliver now as he slams the comfortable mindset of the current crop.

“The players need to get out of the mindset where they’re thinking they’ll be around for the next decade and there will be other opportunities,” Vickery told the Mail Online.

“It’s about doing it right now. They talk about being on a journey. I really contest this word. Stick your journey up your f****** jacksie. I get pumped up about this because it’s very important. 

“I think talking of a journey is an easy thing to say. It’s one that’s crept into rugby. 

“When the players are old and wrinkly like I am now, they will want to be remembered for the stuff they did not the journey they went on.” 

“For me England’s preparation for the World Cup starts with the first Test in Australia this summer. England have the right players and coaching set-up – now they need to put that out on the field.

“I’ve no doubt in the ability of the players.” 


Phil Vickery picks his dream XV and it’s just as fearsome as you’d expect

Take a look at who England legend Phil Vickery has picked in his all-time Dream Team. 

1. Christian Califano – I watched him as a lad and he took front row play to a new level. His ball play was excellent and facing him was always a challenge.

2. Keith Wood – A bit of a kamikaze hooker so it was as difficult playing with him for the Lions as it was to play against him! But his work rate and carrying ability were phenomenal.

3. Martin Castrogiovanni – An awesome beast who is just an excellent ball carrier and still a great player.

4. Martin Johnson – A big hulk of a man, fearless and passionate and one of the best captains I ever played for – he just had the right brain for it. The way he put his body on the line was immense.

5. Ian Jones – He didn’t like the gym but he was the size of a hippo. He feared nobody on the field but off of it he would smile and shake your hand. It was so good to play alongside him at Gloucester.