"Two Premiership clubs" - 5 Richest Owners In Rugby In 2023 (Ranked) - Ruck

“Two Premiership clubs” – 5 Richest Owners In Rugby In 2023 (Ranked)

Despite the financial troubles hitting the Gallagher Premiership, two of the leagues owners feature on our list of the five wealthiest owners.

These figures have been taken from various sources mentioned in each section.

#5. Bruce Craig

  • Nationality: English
  • Net worth: 361m
  • Rugby CV: Owner Bath rugby

Having inherited business from his father, Bruce gave it a new shape and has earned whopping money. His current net worth has crossed the $361 million mark and is still increasing. Craig has invested in Bath Rugby team and is also banking good numbers from there as the club is generating $16.8 million.