WATCH: Furious family release video showing the moment their rugby player son was paralyzed by a brutal tackle

The family of a California Golden Bears rugby playe, Robert Paylor, who was paralyzed after a brutal tackle during the Varsity Cup championship match last spring are furious that the opponent is not being reprimanded.

During the team’s national championship match against Arkansas Stat back in May, he received a tough tackle that saw his head smack to the ground, he now suffers from high tetraplegia which has left him totally paralyzed below the chest.

Robert’s parents, Debbie and Jeff, have released a video showing the moment leading up to their son’s life-changing injury, and it’s hard to watch.

The video shows Paylor’s neck tucked in and completely bent forward as a group of players aggressively land on top of him.

Jeff was clearly heartbroken at the decision to not condemn the opponent involved in the tackle as he said: ‘We are very disappointed in both the result of this investigation and the duration of time it has taken since Robert’s catastrophic injury to come to this decision,’ he wrote on his Facebook.


Since the injury, $768,840 has been raised on Robert’s GoFundMe page, with $1million being the goal.

They’re raising money due to the hefty medical bills: ‘According to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation, the average expense for the first year with high tetraplegia can be about 1 million dollars and with low tetraplegia, about $769,000.’ they wrote on their page.

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