WATCH: Trailer for STUNNING new rugby game has dropped! - Ruck

WATCH: Trailer for STUNNING new rugby game has dropped!

It has been confirmed that the game will be released in early 2020 (before February 2020), with a beta to go live in September.

Initially, Big Ben Interactive and Eko Software planned to release the game alongside the 2019 Rugby World Cup happening in Japan in September, but it seems that the development process has been extended.

Eko Software’s previous rugby title, Rugby 18, was released in October 2017 to some mixed reviews, with a lot of issues letting down a promising core gameplay system. After a large patch, the gameplay improved dramatically, but certain shortcomings still kept the game from reaching its potential. Hopefully the next instalment will rectify those problems, and according to the publisher, Eko Software seem to be well-aware of what they need to work on.

“Numerous details have been reworked for this new opus: the tactical depth and graphic rendering have been improved, and the AI has been revamped. During the development of this new rugby game, the studio has surrounded themselves with experts in order to faithfully reproduce team tactics.”