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Dan Carter receives his punishment for drink-driving charge

Dan Carter is not looking well according to a French journalist after documents revealed he was fined €1000 (£880) for his drink-driving charge earlier this year.

Carter in February was found to be almost twice the legal limit when police pulled him over for speeding in the centre of Paris.

The 35-year-old first five-eighth was initially given a five-month driving ban before the case was handed to over to court by the state prosecutor.


Documents Carter’s lawyer tried to keep from going public have revealed that he received a “lower end” fine four times less than what is generally expected.

“This is first time we’ve got our hands on this document. We applied for them in November. The clerk of the court said we couldn’t have them even under the freedom of information act because Mr Carter’s lawyers asked for the hearing to be private,” French journalist Catherine Field told NewstalkZB.

“No public were allowed into the court room. I appealed that decision and today we received details of it.

“It seems Dan Carter got a €1000 fine, which to be honest is at the lower end of what the judge could have given. You generally expect a €4000 to €4500 fine.

“It’s interesting that none of this has come out into the public domain. I had to apply twice even under the official freedom of information act to get this one document.”

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