Nemani Nadolo slams 'bull****' transfer rumour in Twitter exchange - Ruck

Nemani Nadolo slams ‘bull****’ transfer rumour in Twitter exchange

Leicester Tigers wing Nemani Nadolo has responded to reports that he could be looking to exit the club in the near future.

The Fijian powerhouse, who has become a fan favourite at Welford Road, was clearly not happy with the story written by Neil FIssler that ran in The Rugby Paper on Sunday.

He reported that Nadolo is set to return home at the end of the season for family reasons. However, the 34-year-old was furious with the report that he insists isn’t true.

Nadolo tweeted: “You don’t no me from a bar of soap yet u put a story out that isn’t true lol.”

He went onto add: “Neil you must think your the man… your nothing but a clown… faaark I wish I could see you face to face u gutless pig.”

The story also linked Nadolo with a move to the newly established Fijian Drua, who were awarded a place in Super Rugby this year.

The exchange continued as Fisser replied: “DM me your number and I’ll call you tomorrow. I’ll also recommend a new agent if you want one.”


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