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Will Carling renews twitter rivalry with Piers Morgan

Will Carling has renewed his twitter war with Piers Morgan over the weekend.

The TV host often finds himself in online spats with other celebrities thanks to his controversial opinions.

The former England captain fired a shot at the 54-year-old.

There previous clash came in January after the former England player made a dig at the Good Morning Britain host’s recent hospital dash.

Alongside three crying laughing emojis, Will tweeted: “Did make me smile that the Hero @piersmorgan who is always telling people to ‘man up’ and that ‘second is first loser’ – because he is a real winner.

“Took himself to a hospital, and after extensive tests, they found he had……….a cold!!![sic].”

To which Piers swiftly replied: “It’s not a cold, Mr Carling, and nor am I whining about it – but many thanks for your touching concern.”

Will didn’t stop there, as he teasingly hit back: “Wrap up warm then Piersy and take care of yourself….!!!”

Piers hit back at claims that he “diagnosed [himself] with fake gastritis and duodenitis” with a sarcastic jibe.

Will then shared the TV star’s tweet, and wrote: “Funny how sensitive tabloid journos are when utter b** s**t is written about them.


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